5 Things Everyone Needs To See In Cairns


Christmas holiday is almost here, and, you are probably still confused about where you should take your family for a holiday. If you are considering Australia, Cairns is one of the best vacation destinations to tour. These destinations offer numerous attraction that you and your family will enjoy. Here are the top five things that are a must see when in Cairns.


Art Galleries


If you are in Cairns, then you must visit the Cairns Regional Gallery. You will be amazed by the plethora of art they have on display, coming from different artists. If you are worried about money, worry no more, these galleries allow you to get in for free. Cairns Regional Gallery is only a starting point. Ensure that you have visited some of the smaller art galleries. And, do not forget to buy a piece of art to gift those you left back at home and give them an idea of what your Cairns holiday was like.


See Daintree


If you are in Cairns, you cannot leave before seeing Daintree You will be bragging to your friends of a tour to the world’s oldest lowland rainforest and the biggest continuous rainforest in Australia. This forest offers a unique scenery of rare plantation and animals. You can choose to trek through the island shores. If you are lucky, you might end up getting to the Cape Tribulation, another major attraction in this destination. However, if trekking is not for you, a cruise down the Daintree River will do you justice. Enjoy the cool waters as you enjoy the sight of crocodiles, that is if you are not afraid of them.


Walsh Pyramid


Brag to your friend about being to the tallest natural pyramid in the world by visiting the Walsh Pyramid Come prepared with your trekking gear and ensure that you get to the top. This should take you about 5 hours. But, I assure you that it is all worth your while. From the top of the pyramid, you get the best-elevated view of Cairns.


The Great Barrier Reef


The reef is listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is considered as one of the favorite attractions for backpackers visiting the attraction. It is also a great place for lovers of scuba diving.


Cairns Markets


If you want to meet and interact with the locals, the markets are a great place to do so. Cairns markets are lively and will give you a sense of the locals’ culture. At the markets, you can get some souvenirs for your friends back at home. You will have a lot to choose from including local delicacies, clothes, arts and so much more.


Bottom Line


When you get to Cairns, it doesn’t matter that budget you are working with. There are some Cairns tours cheap activities that you can do if your budget is limited. Therefore, let not money be the reason you cannot fulfill your dreams of visiting Cairns this holiday.