5 Tips To Transforming Shipping Containers Into a Storage Shed

Have you looked at the cost of buying and installing a storage shed recently? If you have, you will know how expensive the whole process can be. The expense, along with some environmental issues, is also why more and more people are buying shipping containers and using them to create a shipping container storage shed

If you have also thought about doing this, here are five tips from Bionic Self Storage to help you transform a shipping container into a storage shed, and have it be just as secure and useful as any traditional shed you may buy.

Create a foundation — The first thing you will want to do is to create some kind of foundation for your shipping container. Whether that is a wood foundation, cement or even old railroad ties, a good, solid foundation will prevent moisture from the ground seeping into the container and make it corrode.

Eliminate odors before using — Once the shipping container has been placed on its foundation, you will want to eliminate any odors it may have. Remember, these containers have shipped things like spices and chemicals, and the smell can sometimes linger. 

To eliminate the odors, you can spread dry rice on the floor of the container and leave it for several days. Rice absorbs smells and moisture and, once it has done so, all you have to do is sweep it up and throw it away.

Add a hardwood floor — To give the shipping container another layer of protection against the elements, you can add a hardwood floor

Buy cheap lumber, cut to size and glue onto the floor of the container. Sand it down, stain and wax it, and you will have a solid and more attractive flooring for your shed. If you buy the lumber at a used lumber store, it is cheap as well.

Read industry testimonials — There are quite a few companies that are now transforming shipping containers into storage sheds, and much of their work is now available on the Internet.

Read industry testimonials from companies that have converted shipping containers before, as they will give you great tips on good placement, how to correctly insulate the container against the elements, why ventilation is necessary and how to stop any corrosion and rust that may happen if the container is not treated with the right substances.

What have other homeowners done with their shipping containers — Before you even buy a shipping container, you should spend time looking at photographs and plans of some of the sheds other homeowners have created with their shipping containers.

Not only will this give you design ideas for your new shed but, if you read the accompanying information, you will get details first-hand about things these people did that they were happy with and things they would not do again. 

You will also be able to find out if they had any problems, and be forewarned so the same thing does not happen to you.