How SEO Has Changed In The Last 10 Years?

Search engine optimization used to be very easy. 10 years ago, there were a number of do-it-yourself steps a website publisher could take to drive a site far up to the top of the search engine rankings. Working with an established search engine optimization service was advisable in the “old days”, but not always necessary. Such is not the case today. SEO work is more complex because the rules have changed and changed dramatically.

If there was one element that contributed so hugely to the big changes it would be a reversal in Google’s temperament. 10 years ago, Google did not institute significant and steady rules designed to reduce the manipulation of its rankings by the underserved website. All that has changed these days. Google is far stricter today. Moving up the rankings requires a lot more work. In particular, skilled and specialized work is required. 

Probably the biggest change is link building has to be done effectively and far more organically. Buying links and flooding the internet with them is a disastrous plan nowadays. Doing so likely will find a website thrown out of the Google rankings. The other search engines probably won’t care too much about a site with tons of useless, spammy links. A smaller number of targeted, organic links is going to be more helpful. 

Things have changed on the keywords front as well. Keyword stuffing, the overuse of common search terms, is frowned upon to the same level as link spamming.

Jamming too many keywords into incoherent content will be picked up by the search engine algorithms and punishment follows next. Performing solid research into reliable, consistently used keywords must be followed up with prudence. 

And the content of a website, blog, or another resource has to be original and well-written. Fresh, original content is mandatory or else the search engines are going to greatly ignore the site. In years past, duplicate or spin content was acceptable. Simply duplicating the material found on another site or, worse, outright companying the text is unacceptable. 

Website publishers must work harder and harder to develop good content that is unique and original. The same is true of any content used for blog or article marketing. Professional and effective writing is mandatory for search engine optimization work to be successful.

The ways to access the internet have also changed in 10 years. Personal computers and laptops were the primary ways people surfed the net. Today, millions upon millions of people use mobile phones and other devices to connect. A website has to be designed to fit nicely on a mobile screen. The inability to work on both traditional and mobile internet is a real demerit for any website.

Staying on top of the changes with search engine optimization is something best left to professionals. A solid SEO Sunshine Coast could deliver the much-desired results sought after by a website publisher. Hiring a reputable firm avoids falling into traps and seeing SEO work lead to the opposite of the desired outcome.