Fans or Aircon – Which should you install?

Keeping our homes cool during summer is a top priority. At this point, consumers get torn between installing fans and air conditioners. This is because, each of these two systems has its advantages and disadvantages. Here is a comparison, of fans and air conditioners, to make your decision making easier.


An air conditioner works by removing humidity and moisture from the indoor air. This is one of the benefits of an air conditioner. Instead of just blowing air, it actually works to cool the air, meaning more comfort is achieved. However, in as much as this is an advantage, it can also be a disadvantage. When moisture is dried out of the air, next is to dry moisture on your skins. This can lead to irritation of the snake. On the other hand, the fan works by blowing heat away from the body. This is one of the greatest downsides of the fan. By not removing humidity from the air, fans prevent itchiness of the skin, a result of dried out skin. 


If you are working on a budget, fans is the way to go. The initial cost of fans is relatively cheaper in comparison to air cons. Maintain a fan is also also costs a lot less to run fans. Fans use about 20times less energy than an air conditioning system. A professional electrician can help you figure out just how much energy each of these consume.


An air conditioning system is definitely more efficient than a fan. The capacity of an air conditioner relates to the area coverage. If you have a large room, then you will need a higher capacity to cool the area effectively. Fans, on the other hand, are not as effective. Particularly, when it really hot. All they do is blow the hot air coming from the outside, making matters even worse. In this case even multiple fans working together will not help. Besides, a fan will not effectively cover a room. They are only capable of covering a fraction of the desired area. 


It goes without saying that air cons are safer than fans. Particularly, ceiling fans. If you are careless enough as to have your hands reach the blades, great injuries can be caused. 


An air conditioner allows you peaceful sleep as it produces minimal sound, equivalent to a hum. In some cases, they do not even produce noise at all. The case is different for fans. They produce so much noise, making it very difficult to have a peaceful sleep.

Bottom Line

Finding it hard to make a decision between fans and air cons? Then you should probably invest in the two and have them work in tandem. This is the best way to lower your energy bills. So, how do you go about this? First, start your air conditioner. Let it run for some time. Once your room is cool enough, turn the air con off and start the fn. This will help circulate the cool air all round. The result is increased comfort and reduced energy bills.