5 Tips To Transforming Shipping Containers Into a Storage Shed

Have you looked at the cost of buying and installing a storage shed recently? If you have, you will know how expensive the whole process can be. The expense, along with some environmental issues, is also why more and more people are buying shipping containers and using them to create a shipping container storage shed

If you have also thought about doing this, here are five tips from Bionic Self Storage to help you transform a shipping container into a storage shed, and have it be just as secure and useful as any traditional shed you may buy.

Create a foundation — The first thing you will want to do is to create some kind of foundation for your shipping container. Whether that is a wood foundation, cement or even old railroad ties, a good, solid foundation will prevent moisture from the ground seeping into the container and make it corrode.

Eliminate odors before using — Once the shipping container has been placed on its foundation, you will want to eliminate any odors it may have. Remember, these containers have shipped things like spices and chemicals, and the smell can sometimes linger. 

To eliminate the odors, you can spread dry rice on the floor of the container and leave it for several days. Rice absorbs smells and moisture and, once it has done so, all you have to do is sweep it up and throw it away.

Add a hardwood floor — To give the shipping container another layer of protection against the elements, you can add a hardwood floor

Buy cheap lumber, cut to size and glue onto the floor of the container. Sand it down, stain and wax it, and you will have a solid and more attractive flooring for your shed. If you buy the lumber at a used lumber store, it is cheap as well.

Read industry testimonials — There are quite a few companies that are now transforming shipping containers into storage sheds, and much of their work is now available on the Internet.

Read industry testimonials from companies that have converted shipping containers before, as they will give you great tips on good placement, how to correctly insulate the container against the elements, why ventilation is necessary and how to stop any corrosion and rust that may happen if the container is not treated with the right substances.

What have other homeowners done with their shipping containers — Before you even buy a shipping container, you should spend time looking at photographs and plans of some of the sheds other homeowners have created with their shipping containers.

Not only will this give you design ideas for your new shed but, if you read the accompanying information, you will get details first-hand about things these people did that they were happy with and things they would not do again. 

You will also be able to find out if they had any problems, and be forewarned so the same thing does not happen to you.

How SEO Has Changed In The Last 10 Years?

Search engine optimization used to be very easy. 10 years ago, there were a number of do-it-yourself steps a website publisher could take to drive a site far up to the top of the search engine rankings. Working with an established search engine optimization service was advisable in the “old days”, but not always necessary. Such is not the case today. SEO work is more complex because the rules have changed and changed dramatically.

If there was one element that contributed so hugely to the big changes it would be a reversal in Google’s temperament. 10 years ago, Google did not institute significant and steady rules designed to reduce the manipulation of its rankings by the underserved website. All that has changed these days. Google is far stricter today. Moving up the rankings requires a lot more work. In particular, skilled and specialized work is required. 

Probably the biggest change is link building has to be done effectively and far more organically. Buying links and flooding the internet with them is a disastrous plan nowadays. Doing so likely will find a website thrown out of the Google rankings. The other search engines probably won’t care too much about a site with tons of useless, spammy links. A smaller number of targeted, organic links is going to be more helpful. 

Things have changed on the keywords front as well. Keyword stuffing, the overuse of common search terms, is frowned upon to the same level as link spamming.

Jamming too many keywords into incoherent content will be picked up by the search engine algorithms and punishment follows next. Performing solid research into reliable, consistently used keywords must be followed up with prudence. 

And the content of a website, blog, or another resource has to be original and well-written. Fresh, original content is mandatory or else the search engines are going to greatly ignore the site. In years past, duplicate or spin content was acceptable. Simply duplicating the material found on another site or, worse, outright companying the text is unacceptable. 

Website publishers must work harder and harder to develop good content that is unique and original. The same is true of any content used for blog or article marketing. Professional and effective writing is mandatory for search engine optimization work to be successful.

The ways to access the internet have also changed in 10 years. Personal computers and laptops were the primary ways people surfed the net. Today, millions upon millions of people use mobile phones and other devices to connect. A website has to be designed to fit nicely on a mobile screen. The inability to work on both traditional and mobile internet is a real demerit for any website.

Staying on top of the changes with search engine optimization is something best left to professionals. A solid SEO Sunshine Coast could deliver the much-desired results sought after by a website publisher. Hiring a reputable firm avoids falling into traps and seeing SEO work lead to the opposite of the desired outcome.

Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Retirement Planner

Very few people in their early careers consider hiring a retirement planner It just seems too far away to have to worry about. If you can establish a habit of saving for and planning for your retirement years, you will be much better off financially and have peace of mind for the future. 

Take a look at your grandparents lives. Did they save enough for retirement or are they struggling? Many in the greatest generation learned to save during the depression and many Baby Boomers did also and made wise investments. But there are still those who did not plan well or spent their money unwisely or just figured they would get around to it eventually. Don’t leave this to chance. There are many reputable companies and people who can help you make the right decisions.


Setting Goals for Your Future

When you first start working the excitement of having your job and earning money can overshadow the need for future planning. But this is the perfect time to start saving. Establish good habits such as putting a percentage of your salary and raises into your retirement allotment Practice good money management and budgeting. It is nice to have all the latest toys and gadgets, but critical to saving for your retirement.

Your goals may change in the future. If you get married and want a family you will need to prepare for that and may wish to provide money for college tuition in addition to your retirement. A good planner can help you save and invest properly to achieve those goals. 


Investments and Wealth Management

As your savings grow your financial advisor can help you decide how to invest your money in helping it grow and remain stable. Many people like to dabble in this on their own, but some wise professional advice can provide smart strategies and decisions in a changing market. US Bank offers a Retirement Planning Guide with information and ideas to help you make the most of your plan. 


Your Assets

Many people considered buying a home would be their retirement nest egg. In a fluctuating economy, that may or may not be an advantage. Some have turned to reverse mortgages to supplement their retirement income. It depends on what you want to do and how much you need to pay the bills each month. Asset management is a key factor in managing your future. Mitchell Tuchman at Forbes offers advice. 


Financial Security

As years go by, your ideas about what you want to do in retirement may change. Do you plan to take another job to supplement your income? Will you have an adequate pension to do the things you want to do? Do you plan to leave an inheritance to your family? These are all issues you will want to consider and address. Investopedia has an article that addresses many of these subjects in a common sense approach with recommendations and ideas to consider. 

Living Your Dream Retirement

Can you travel, volunteer, make charitable donations and help your family if needed and still have plenty of money? You still need to manage and budget to make sure you can take care of yourself, meet monthly expenses and take care of any health or medical costs. Your grandparents probably did not expect expenses to increase to the levels they are today. An average new car today costs more than a luxury home did then. Keeping up with the projected increases can be challenging. A Charles Schwab article “Retirement Spending: How Much Can You Afford?” addresses this issue with current statistics and advice. 

This overview is provided to give you an insight into planning for retirement. Different resources are provided to give you a range of viewpoints and ideas. There are many sources and companies that provide advice on strategies and methods to plan for your golden years. Start making a difference today in your own future. Do your research, talk to friends and family and put a plan in place now and keep building on it. The years will pass quicker than you imagine. We want you to be prepared.

One of the most comprehensive and informative sources is the US Bank Retirement Planning Guide which addresses many issues, suggestions, and ideas. 

5 Steps To Take Before You Call The Plumber

Clogged drains or drippy fixtures are always inconvenient and usually messy but they don’t have to be expensive when you can fix them yourself. Depending on what is clogged or dripping there are “home remedies” that have worked for others you could try before calling in a professional. Entire shelves are devoted to draining cleaning products in some stores, and while they may work if the situation isn’t too severe, this simple “fix” can’t be expected to work on major clogs no matter what the specs on the container may claim. 

Drippy faucets or water connections of any kind may not be an immediate disaster but you can count on major structural damage later if water connections are left to drip over a long period of time. Problems of this sort should be given the same urgent attention as a clogged toilet, and never be put off. Following are 5 of those “home remedies” that could end up saving you that call to the plumber:


One – If you step in standing water and you know it isn’t from a spill the first thing you need to do is shut off the water to the area that is leaking, and then try to locate the source. If it turns out to be a worn seal in a connection simply replace it and that should end the problem.


Two – If you notice a faucet leaking home repairs for this are a little more complicated but still possible if you persevere. Most faucets are sold as kits that will have everything you need to complete the job, including instructions on how it should be done. Read them carefully, work slowly, and it is possible to replace your own faucet.


Three – Clogged drains are perhaps the most frustrating plumbing problem to face because the reason for the clog isn’t always obvious. If drain cleaners don’t work you will need to use a plunger to try and force the clog through. Overflow openings in sinks should be closed off as this will help the plunger build needed pressure to move the clog.


Four – If plunging a drain doesn’t work, it could be the trap itself causing the problem. Try removing the trap completely and running water. If water runs through freely then you know you only need to clean the trap to fix the problem.


Five – If you are dealing with a clogged toilet the first thing to try is plugging it and if that doesn’t work then resort to chemicals made for the purpose. You might be able to accomplish the job using a stiff wire to try and reach the clog and then break it up. However, this method should only be attempted with extreme caution to avoid damaging the bowl via gouges or scratch marks.

When it comes to plumbing issues of any kind, common sense can usually prevent most of them. Always scrape clinging food off into the trash, never let it go down the drain. If you live in an older home, inspect all water connections to be sure they are still sound. As to preventing clogs in toilets just remember that just because a product claims to be flushable doesn’t mean it is. One thing to remember when you have tried it all and nothing has worked, then it’s time to call in the professionals at emergency plumber Ipswich QLD 

5 Steps to Learning Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) can be a relaxing past time, not to mention, a great way to get a total body workout. However, because of the balance required, it can prove a bit difficult for beginners. These 5 steps to learning stand up paddle boarding will help beginners with the basics of SUP, so they too can channel their inner adventurer. 


Step 1: Select the Right Board

When selecting a board, it is important to select the right length in order to be able to stand up comfortably. If the board is too narrow, it can be too wobbly, which can make it harder to balance or cause you to tip over. 

Experts recommend beginning with the longest board possible or a board that is about 11′-14′ long and at least 30″ wide. 

As a general rule, the length of the paddle should be approximately 10″ lengthier than your height for touring and 8″ higher for surfing. 


Step 2: Begin in a Flat Section of Water

Locate a flat, or calm, portion of water that is free of waves and large activity. 

To begin, place your leash on your ankle. After a fall, the board will drift off, especially if there is a breeze. The leash will allow the board to remain near. Likewise, if you fall, hang onto your paddle. 

Carry the board into about 3-4 feet of water. If the water is too shallow, you may hit the bottom if you fall off. It could also allow the fin to hit the bottom. 


Step 3: Climb Onto the Board

With your belly facing downward, position your body in the center of the board. Once you are stable, turn around facing the nose, and sit up with your legs straddling the board.

Glide your body back and forth on the board to ensure you are positioned comfortably in the center of the board. 


Step 4: To Stand Up

Position yourself on all fours in the center of the board, while holding the paddle horizontally in your hands. Place your hands flat and spaced out evenly on the board. 

Facing the nose, position one foot and then the other, about a foot apart, onto the board, so you are positioned in a low squatting position. 

Keeping your knees slightly bent, slowly stand up. Keeping your knees slightly bent while standing up provides a center of gravity and absorbs the motion in the bumpy water. 

Once you stand, if you feel wobbly or unbalanced, remain in the bent or sitting position until you gain your balance and feel more comfortable on the board. 

One you are standing, you can also use your paddle as a brace by laying the blade flat on top of the water. 


Step 5: Paddle

To paddle straight, with the angle facing away from you, place one hand on the paddle shaft and the other on the grip. Now push down on the paddle grip with your top hand until the blade is planted beneath the water. 

Glide the blade back to your ankle, then out of the water, keeping your arms straight and twisting your torso as you paddle. 

Paddle about 4 to 5 strokes on one side and then the other, reversing hand positions. 

To turn right, paddle on the left. To turn left, paddle on the right. 

For more tips or for paddle board equipment, visit the Red Paddle Co 

5 Things Everyone Needs To See In Cairns


Christmas holiday is almost here, and, you are probably still confused about where you should take your family for a holiday. If you are considering Australia, Cairns is one of the best vacation destinations to tour. These destinations offer numerous attraction that you and your family will enjoy. Here are the top five things that are a must see when in Cairns.


Art Galleries


If you are in Cairns, then you must visit the Cairns Regional Gallery. You will be amazed by the plethora of art they have on display, coming from different artists. If you are worried about money, worry no more, these galleries allow you to get in for free. Cairns Regional Gallery is only a starting point. Ensure that you have visited some of the smaller art galleries. And, do not forget to buy a piece of art to gift those you left back at home and give them an idea of what your Cairns holiday was like.


See Daintree


If you are in Cairns, you cannot leave before seeing Daintree You will be bragging to your friends of a tour to the world’s oldest lowland rainforest and the biggest continuous rainforest in Australia. This forest offers a unique scenery of rare plantation and animals. You can choose to trek through the island shores. If you are lucky, you might end up getting to the Cape Tribulation, another major attraction in this destination. However, if trekking is not for you, a cruise down the Daintree River will do you justice. Enjoy the cool waters as you enjoy the sight of crocodiles, that is if you are not afraid of them.


Walsh Pyramid


Brag to your friend about being to the tallest natural pyramid in the world by visiting the Walsh Pyramid Come prepared with your trekking gear and ensure that you get to the top. This should take you about 5 hours. But, I assure you that it is all worth your while. From the top of the pyramid, you get the best-elevated view of Cairns.


The Great Barrier Reef


The reef is listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is considered as one of the favorite attractions for backpackers visiting the attraction. It is also a great place for lovers of scuba diving.


Cairns Markets


If you want to meet and interact with the locals, the markets are a great place to do so. Cairns markets are lively and will give you a sense of the locals’ culture. At the markets, you can get some souvenirs for your friends back at home. You will have a lot to choose from including local delicacies, clothes, arts and so much more.


Bottom Line


When you get to Cairns, it doesn’t matter that budget you are working with. There are some Cairns tours cheap activities that you can do if your budget is limited. Therefore, let not money be the reason you cannot fulfill your dreams of visiting Cairns this holiday.


Adwords Vs SEO: Which Is Right For You?


Adwords and SEO are very important elements of search engine marketing (SEM), especially in digital marketing campaigns. The two online marketing strategies have certain similarities and differences. They are used separately, but can also be used together depending on your overall business marketing strategy and objectives.

What is Google Adwords?
Google Adwords is a digital marketing platform that was established by Google. Millions of advertisers use Google Adwords to advertise their products and services on Google platforms including Gmail and YouTube. This platform also offers advertisers the opportunity to position their ads in Google Search Result pages and in other websites that take part in the Adwords program as publishers. Advertisers pay for their Adwords based on Cost per Click (CPC) or Cost per Thousands Impressions (CPM). In other words, Adwords system is just like a massive auction where multiple advertisers scramble for available advertising space.


What is SEO?
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) focuses more on getting improved rankings in major search engines result pages such as Yahoo and Google among others. To get better ranking, you have to ensure that your website is search engine friendly. Search engine friendly websites are websites that contain certain attributes that make them popular with search engine bots and provide excellent user experience.


Adwords VS SEO
• Adwords are specifically for websites that use Google Adsense including Google websites and search engine while SEO rules apply to all search engines. 
• Traffic for Adwords is paid for while SEO traffic is absolutely free.
• Adwords provide great exposure because the ads show up on the top and right side of Google search results. On the other hand, you have to put in extra work for your website to be in top search engine results pages. 
• There are instant results with Adwords since you can come up with advertising campaigns almost immediately and start enjoying targeted traffic. With SEO, you will need more time to get good traffic and rankings, especially if you have a new website.
• It is easy to calculate the (returns on investment) ROI with Adwords. However, you cannot solely rely on SEO to determine returns on investment because there are various factors that play important roles in SEO.


Which One Should You Use?
A startup company can consider using Adwords. Fast results are a significant advantage that Adwords has over SEO. While you have to pay for traffic from your Adwords campaign, you can make up for the expenses in PPC if your campaigns are profitable and help you to reach your business goals. New Companies looking for quick targeted traffic to boost sales will find Google Adwords to be more effective than SEO. However, SEO is more effective in boosting exposure and generating sales over a long period and is often used by both startups and established companies. 

You have to use Adwords carefully and wisely because improper monitoring or poor control tools will lead to losses instead of profits. It is wise to hire a professional SEO company to help you with your campaigns if you don’t have the knowledge and experience to undertake Adwords Campaigns on your own. 

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